Folk remedies for peeling facial skin

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And of course, a easiest and safest method to stay well-known recipes.

Simple procedure: Blend natural honey and water, and after cleansing to massage a skin with circular motions, wetting his hands in this solution - this technique exfoliate dead facial skin cells. Of the a person should rinse with clean water, wet and immediately apply moisturizer.

More great peel cover with milk and cow butter. It is required to cook oatmeal with milk, mix 1 soup spoon hot porridge with honey and natural butter (olive) oil (1 tsp.), and use this mixture on the skin, however if gently rubbing. Hold for 10-Fifteen minutes and rinse with soft h2o.

You can not use cooked oatmeal, and just cut them in a coffee grinder. The ingredients are assorted to 1 tsp.: olive butter, natural honey, crushed cereal, and egg yolks, a mixture is applied to a face - a circular, massaging gently, hold for Fifteen minutes and wash out off with heartwarming water.

Homemade scrubs, unlike a lot of purchased, do not hurt a facial skin.

It is possible to apply the tea leaves from a lovely black milk, coffee grounds, how well as red apple slices, cucumber, watermelon, rubbing their face on the massotherapy lines.

A reasonable piece of white bread soaked in milk, also cleans the skin: pulp from it is applied to the face and washing off after 20 minutes with cold water.

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Covers for Face Rejuvenation

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For a preparation of anti-aging covers from herbs should to pick up equal parts of lime leaves, apple, currants, yarrow, plantain, raw substances well crushed, mix, and pour 4 tablespoons mix with boiling water - so how to obtain a paste. When a mixing cools down, for 15 minutes applied to the face and neck skin, washing off with cool water.

With the nectar of a aloe plant healing home can cook excellent rejuvenating homemade cover. In a porcelain or glass cup combine aloe juice (years 1 tbsp) of olive oil (1 tsp.), and the mix is applied to a pre-steamed facial skin. After 15 minutes, the cover is removed with a damp cloth, and the top cause some - beaten with teaspoonful salt raw eggs white, hold for 10 min and Carefully wash off with hypericum tincture or sage. Following a mask is used to a facial skin fresh food.

A extremely beneficial and nutritious cover is obtained with a ripe banana, yoghurt (2 spoon) and natural honey (1 soup spoon) Milk yoghurt and honey mix with mashed pulp big banana pulp is used to the face, hold for 15-20 min and Carefully wash off with hot water.

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Mask with spinach of wrinkles around the eyes

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Strong antioxidant effect has spinach, and covers with them eliminate skin wrinkles around the eyes, do finer wrinkles and ensure prevention of new ones. Spinach (TWO sweet sheet) want be attentively mix and squeeze the nectar out of it, then mix up 1 tsp. The juice with 10 grams of butter solution of vitamin A and 1 tsp. Cream or gel to the skin around a eye, which you would normally apply. This cover is used to a space under the skin eyes for 0.5 an hour, then attentively remove soaked in coldness boiled milk cosmetic discs.

Cover of banana and apricot of skin wrinkles around the skin eyes


Cover of banana pulp with cream or sour serum makes a skin gentle and supple, nourishes it and reduces wrinkles. To blend 1 teaspoonful both, to put on the eyes, hold for Fifteen minutes and rinse with hot water.

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Look after matter skin

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Most often, the question is any skin - here we mean a tendency to the formation of acne and blackheads. A skin needs constant cleaning to it could clog the pores and get inflamed. Soft h2o, however ordinary, it is not necessary to wash - this salootdelenie becomes more intense, and the pores of the skin increases.

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Facial skin covers Raspberry

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Recommended for aging facial skin mask with raspberries (1 tablespoon), cheese (the like), and honey (1 teaspoonful.) Ingredients mash with a fork until shine and put on facial skin for 10-15 minutes. Sluice off with lukewarm water.

Make a similar cover for sensitive face, just pick up a cheese and honey 1 teaspoonful, and not mixed with fruits and raspberry fresh juice (2 tsp.) Mixing thickly used to a facial skin, hold for 15 minutes and ablution off with cool water.

Easy mask for any skin - with raspberry and black fresh bread. Fresh bread crumb crumble and mash with a handful of recent fruits, the mix is applied to the face, so if rubbing it. Later Fifteen minutes, ablution with soft h2o.

Pores cover with a addition of eggs white and lemon fresh juice (1 teaspoon.) You are assorted with 1 tbsp mashed into mush raspberries, append a some mealy and put on facial skin for 15 minutes. Sluice off with cool h2o.

Aging combination skin will help cover with raspberries and honey. Raspberries - 6-7 berries, natural honey - 1 tsp.; pounded ingredients, used to a skin, hold for 10 min and wash out off with cool h2o.

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Youth face

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Any young woman wants how long however possible to stay beautiful, but not all admit it. How, with age, we do not have more lovely and good: the face begins to wither and fade, there are skin wrinkles, bags and darkness circles under his skin eyes, and admire yourself in a mirror, however it were, no longer demand.

Perhaps presently is not alone in age, how well as skin wrinkles and age spots began to appear even in highly magnetically gerls, and is of considerable importance are the conditions in which we live. Our grandmothers, although in life, you had a lot of difficulties, otherwise fed, you had another routine, they were breath polish air and drinking polish water. We just go out in the big city, immediately get into a hostile environment, and the sun is at the present time as well the "other" - a rays are not soft, and Sears, and all because a atmosphere of a planet has not changed for the correct.

List a environmental factors can be long - we will strive to tell you so to save a skin in these circumstances - it stay magnetically and lovely same, no problem what.

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