Home lotions for face rejuvenation


Goodness home rejuvenate skin lotions.

Peppermint lotion: 4-5 tbsp chopped sweet mint or 2 tablespoon dry pour stewing water (1 L) and 10 minutes simmered. Cooled, strain, throw in 1 tsp lemon nectar and apple cider vinegar, 2 spoon Calendula tincture and 4 tsp. Boric alcohol, mix good, pour into a darkness glass bottle and store in refrigerator. Wipe this lotion should skin in the morning and evening - a color of a facial skin will improve, it will be healthier and younger.

Face lotion parsley prepared somewhat differently. Dry (or fresh chopped) leaves and roots of plants (1 tbsp) boiled aqua and 1/2 an hour in a water bath heated; insist hour, strain, and add the very dry white red (50-70 grams). Wipe a face in a reasonable and evening.

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Acne Mask for oily facial skin


Prevents acne mask with herbs and zinc powderise. Chopped green mint and cilantro (1 spoon) mix with a some cold water, add to a zinc powderise, stir and use for Fifteen minutes on the issue areas. Rinse with cool water.

If the facial skin is struck by acne and acne, it is required to make protein-camphor mask: to add a whipped eggs white camphor alcohol (10-15 drops), and a some grapefruit breeding juice. Apply mask to a facial skin, and hold until very dry. A resulting film is washed off with h2o at apartment temperature.

Cover with peppermint and starch refreshes and tones female skin, giving it a lightness matte finish. Recent mint leaves are crushed, pour raw materials (3 tbsp) cups of boiling water, cover and leave for 30 minutes.

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A chief reason for skin peeling


Protective cream that is suitable for the time of year, you need apply mandatory, but to apply it not later than 1/2 an hour earlier going outside.

Choosing a moisturizer, it is good to put those with enough fat components - they prevent the evaporation of moisture, making a child of protective barrier for a facial skin. In a pinch, It is possible to use simple Vaseline or child fluid, how, appeal to a expert will not be superfluous, if a peeling can not even win.

So to have rid of flaky face

Treatment peeling face

For the treatment of peeling facial skin may use hydrocortisone cream - its content must not exceed 0.5%. Handle a matter areas should be regularly: once every day for about TWO week, but do not delay this therapy, as hydrocortisone - is a cure and not cosmetics.

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Masks against flaking


Covers with raw vegetables also helps with lovely flaky face. Ground corn mix in equal parts with carrots, grated on a lovely grater, diluted milk and cause a resulting slurry to a facial skin. Hold for 20 min and ablution off with heartwarming aqua.

Carrots may be replaced with grated raw potatoes, and milk - boiled egg. You can as well combine a grated cucumber with sour cream, cream, or yogurt, pulp of ripe big banana, olive oil, etc. When the mask is washed off, a moisturizer is always applied to damp face.

In winter, the mask must be done attentively, using fats, dairy items, eggs yolks, and vitamin.

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Covers against flaking


Peeling removes decoction of flax seeds 2 soup spoon seeds with cold-blooded water (TWO cups) and make until you keep a paste. Then a bisque is filtered, cooled and applied to a facial skin, hold for 20 minutes and washing off with heartwarming aqua.

If you keep very dry, flaky, pale skin and helps mask with mustard oil. Butter - 1 tbsp, mustard - 1 tsp, blend and append a some boiling water, use the mixing on the face for 5 min, so rinse with warm h2o. If a face is fading, you can just put on face mustard - for 4-5 min, then bath immediately use a nourishing cream.

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Masks for cleansing any facial skin


To cleanse dry skin to a few minutes a week to create a mask with rice and cheese. Crushed flakes (1 cup) mixed with baking protein (1 tablespoon), and apply 1 tbsp the mix, stirring it in cool aqua. Slurry is used to damp facial skin, gently massage 1-2 minutes, then keep this cover for about the size of 10 min. Removed with a cotton swab, soaking them in coldness water.

Very simple version - a mask of drugstore tincture of calendula and common baby powder - earlier it was sold in the drugstore. Powder (1 tablespoon) assorted with calendula, make a thick paste and apply it on a face for 15 minutes. Removed in the same method as the previous cover.

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