Natural honey Mask of wrinkles around a skin eyes


A mask of honey and rice for very dry skin and wrinkles. It is necessary to properly blend TWO soup spoon ground oatmeal with 2 tbsp natural honey and 1 soup spoon strong watter, add to a small aqua and gently heat a mixing in a h2o bath. A mask is used to a facial skin around a eyes and on his skin, in the configuration of warmth, lay down and lay on top of the towel. Keep 20 min, then wash off with heartwarming h2o and applied to the skin day serum, which is usually used.

Cover with the yolk of a wrinkles around the skin eyes


Mask with egg nourishes a face and as well skin wrinkles. Yolk assorted with a breeding juice of 0.5 a lemon, chopped zest and 1 teaspoonful of olive oil. The mixing was used to the facial skin around the skin eyes for 30 minutes and then remove soaked in cool natural milk cosmetic discs.

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