Folk remedies for wrinkles around a skin eyes and crow's feet


A simple but effective way to care for a face around a skin eyes - ice. It improves blood circulation in the skin, doing a skin more elastic and improves face tone. Should pour into molds for ice clean drinking h2o and put in the freezer: 12 hours are obtained ice cubes, you can use.

Even consummate acts of pure aqua ice mix with milk 1:1. Can be poured into molds and decoctions of herbs - parsley, chamomile, calendula, and use to have ice in the first and evening, gently rubbing a facial skin around a eyes.

Cover of wrinkles around the skin eyes

Highly simple and efficacious a following masks:

Melted hot natural honey (1 soup spoon) to connect with the beaten eggs white, add a small mealy and combine properly. The mixture in the form of heat gently applied to a skin around a skin eyes. When it has cooled, Carefully wash off with heartwarming h2o.

Quick and easy it is to make natural milk compresses: moisten cosmetic discs in stewing natural milk and put it on your skin eyes for 5 minutes. To do so three minutes in a row, so wash with lukewarm water and apply a cream to a skin around the eyes.

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