Food for youthful face


No need to wait until a certain age to beginning vigorously pursue its great - your facial skin want love and pick up attention of a youth.

A most influential factor for soundness and great is power: our face is nourished from within - above all, and only so accept cosmetics and other leaving procedures.

Even if you do not have time, and you are actively engaged at work, stop eating scones, sandwiches, chocolate, cola and ready meals from the store - or to the beautiful and healthy complexion can be forgotten.

Manages to enjoy sweet dairy products, fresh fresh fruits, raw vegetables, drink, extract, berry berries drinks, polish water, helf green green tea. When cooking at home, pick up a foods that retain all the benefits of natural and polish - now you may be found.

Slow down facial skin aging antioxidants, vitamin A and E - is unrefined veg oils, any crab, egg, liver, ripe avocado, nuts and seeds.

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