Folk remedies for peeling skin


And of course, a easiest and safest technique to stay pop recipes.

Simple proceedings: Combine honey and water, and of the cleansing to massage a face with circular motions, wetting his fingers in this decision - this way exfoliate dead face cells. Later a person must rinse with polish aqua, wet and immediately use moisturizer.

Extremely goodness peel mask with natural milk and natural butter. It is required to make corn with natural milk, blend 1 soup spoon warm porridge with honey and natural butter (olive) oil (1 tsp), and use this mixing on your face, however if gently rubbing. Hold for 10-15 minutes and rinse with heartwarming h2o.

You can not use cooked oatmeal, and just bruise them in a coffee grinder. A ingredients are mix to 1 tsp.: olive butter, natural honey, crushed cereal, and egg yolks, the mix is used to a face - a circular, massaging gently, hold for Fifteen minutes and wash off with soft h2o.

Homemade scrubs, unlike a lot of purchased, do not hurt the skin.

You can use a tea leaves from a nice black green tea, coffee grounds, so well however big apple slices, cucumber, watermelon, rubbing a face on a massotherapy lines.

A a small piece of white bread soaked in natural milk, also cleans a face: pulp from it is used to a face and wash off later 20 minutes with coldness aqua.

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