Masks for Facial skin Rejuvenation


Mask with natural milk: soft natural milk to be added so much flour to a mixing looked like sour serum, so throw in the chicken egg, mix up and apply a mixture to a clean facial skin. Hold 20 min and bath with h2o and a some lemon juice.

Rejuvenates also cover the protein, honey (1 teaspoon) and flour (2 tsp.) Protein shake up in a foam, add the floury and natural honey, stir thoroughly, and 20 min to put on cleansed face. Rinse off with soft water.

Simple potatoes correctly to rejuvenate the face, specifically dry - polish lovely and not even very beautiful lines. You just seethe a potatoes in a skins for a duo, polish, stretch and in a configuration of warmth used to the face. After 20 minutes, rinse with hot aqua. For mashed potatoes, you can add to a small natural milk or cream.

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