Acne Cover for any skin


Prevents acne mask with herbs and zinc powder. Chopped green mint and cilantro (1 tablespoon) mixed with a small cold aqua, add to the zinc powderise, stir and apply for 15 minutes on the problem areas. Rinse with cool aqua.

If the skin is struck by acne and acne, it is indispensable to create protein-camphor mask: to append the whipped eggs white camphor alcohol (10-15 drops), and a small grapefruit breeding juice. Use mask to the face, and hold until very dry. A resulting film is washed off with h2o at rooms temperature.

Cover with peppermint and starch refreshes and tones any facial skin, giving it a light matte finish. Sweet mint leaves are crushed, pour raw materials (3 tbsp) cups of stewing h2o, cover and leave for 30 minutes. You can take a very dry mint - it's enough 1 tablespoon Compote mixed with starch slurry and used to a face for 20 min. Wash off with soft h2o. In general, with some exceptions, the cover for problematic oily skin ever water-washed with cold or lukewarm water.

Homemade lotion for combination skin

For a daily care of oily facial skin prone to inflammation and acne, make good use of home-based face lotion chamomile. Want pour stewing aqua (200 ml) dry chamomile flowers (TWO tsp.), and boil them for 5-7 min on deep heat. Later removing with heat, cooled broth, strain, throw in honey (1 teaspoonful), stir and rub the facial skin 2-3 minutes a day. Chamomile can be taken instead of sage.

Browned spots and freckles

Besides acne, acne and inflammation, there are other skin conditions - pigmentation, scaling, etc.

If you get yet appeared freckles, age spots, so the face and neck must clean out a sweet birch sap - this maintenance helps with acne.

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