Covers for Skin Rejuvenation


For the production of anti-aging masks from herbs must to take equal parts of lime leaves, kiwi, currants, yarrow, plantain, raw materials good crushed, assorted, and pour 4 tablespoon mixing with boiling water - so how to obtain a paste. When the mixing cools down, for Fifteen minutes applied to the skin and neck skin, washing off with cool h2o.

With the fresh juice of a aloe plant healing home can make excellent rejuvenating homemade mask. In a porcelain or glass cup blend aloe breeding juice (years 1 tbsp) of olive butter (1 tsp), and a mixture is applied to the pre-steamed facial skin. After Fifteen minutes, a cover is removed with a damp cloth, and the top cause another - beaten with teaspoon salt raw egg white, hold for 10 minutes and Carefully wash off with hypericum tincture or sage. Following a cover is applied to the skin food.

A very effective and nutritious cover is obtained with a banana, yoghurt (TWO tbsp.) and natural honey (1 tablespoons) Milk yoghurt and honey assorted with mashed pulp medium banana pulp is applied to the facial skin, hold for 15-20 minutes and wash out off with warm water.

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